No knead whole wheat bread and multi-grain bread made with proofing baskets

No knead ww bread adapted from Jim Lahey's recipe.
JS' labs came back last week. The total chol is 184. Way to go!! The healthy diet definitely plays a big roll for this excellent result.   Ha, the high fiber low fat diet must be continued. Of course regular exercise can improve the health even more if added to daily living. Good job:)

Multi-grain bread adapted from Michael Smith's recipe.
This is the first time I use proofing basket. Does it look nice? I bought 3 of them, so I can bake 3 loaves at the same time. The price was pretty good because they were on special. Besides the beautiful appearance of the bread the benefit of using these proofing baskets is bread dough not sticking on them at all. I used to have problems to dump the final raised dough into hot pot right before baking because it always sticked on proofing container somewhat. However, using these proofing baskets I don't have to face this problem anymore!


  1. This looks very professional.

  2. the basket is made by bamboo? If yes, how you clean it up?

  3. Good question. I think they are made of bamboo. However, I'm not sure how to maintain them. I searched on line but there are so many different (even conflict) ways. So, when I'm not busy I brush them well and then set them aside. If I don't feel like to clean them I just simply put them away:(