Custard filled steamed buns...yum yum!! 好好吃的奶黃包子

Cooling on the wire rack
During Easter holiday my fridge is always stocked with a couple of dozens of eggs every year. After baking some Nagasaki style honey cake and caramel custards I still have almost 5 dozens of eggs left. (We just finished up tea-flavored boiled eggs I made a week ago.) And now I need to do something else to get rid of those eggs. (Dear JS just got his cholesterol tests done last month. Otherwise they will definitely look horrible.)

Resting in the steamer
So, this is it...custard filled steamed buns!! As usual I made them with 25% whole wheat flour for dough. Each bun uses 40g of dough, and a #50 scoop of custard filling. I let them raise at room temperature until they looked a little puffy. And then, I steamed them over medium-high heat for 15 minutes. Normally I keep the steamed buns in the steamer for 2 more minutes off heat in case they shrink back. (It happens all the time when the steamer lid is removed as soon as they are done. I think it's because of rapid temperature change.)

All done:)
They tasted much better than those sold in oriental grocery store's freezers or even in Chinese restaurants. The key is using starter which I saved from previous batch of steamed buns. Using starter gives these steamed buns a little bit more chewy but still very soft texture.

Yum!! It fills with lots of custard...JJ and LJ's favorite.
My family always adore my homemade steamed buns. When JL was very little and picky he was never able to refuse these buns. That makes me enjoy making them again and again.


  1. 全麥奶黃包, 兼顧美味與健康,我喜歡! ^^

  2. 看來我們是有志一同:)