Happy Holidays:)

I like to make some little gifts for friends and neighbors to thank them helping me out when I need some help. This Christmas I made some eatery gifts for a couple of neighbors who I used to contact often. One of these neighbors who's from Japan gave me this beautiful flower arrangement. I would like to take an advantage to use this for wishing everybody merry Christmas and happy New Year.

除了插花. 鄰居還做了這個糯米小丸子. 丸子上面舖有紅豆沙和醬油糖兩種. 味道真的好極了. 鄰居真的很細心. 記得我喜歡糯米製品. 我一口接著一口. 沒法停下來. 當然啦. 不消一會兒. 就被我和先生瓜分完畢. 減肥的事兒等明年再說了(哈).

Beside the flower arrangement the neighbor also made these sweet rice balls for us. There were two flavors, one with azuki bean paste and the other one with sweet soysauce. Both of them were so yummy. She is so thoughtful, and remembers that I love the food made with sweet rice. I shared them with my husband, and of couse there was nothing left for the next day. Well, I'm gaining weight and not going to worry about it until next year, ha:)

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