Whole Wheat Paesano...great taste just like regular paesano!!

With soaking techniques: This paesano has a lot of big holes same as original one.
I'm whole-grain-holic. When I planned to make something I always tried to make it with whole wheat/whole grain. Like my family favorite bread, paesano, I've planned to make it with whole wheat flour when I took the class at Zingerman's bake house. It's way before I could make regular paesano at home.

After practice of making this bread with white flour twice successfully I went ahead and modified the recipe with whole wheat flour. At first I just used whole wheat flour to replace a small part of white flour without adding more water, yeast, or vital wheat gluten which I normally did when I tried to sneak in some whole wheat flour in my baking. The result...it turned out fine but not the way I like. I like the whole wheat bread I made without taste of whole wheat that gives sensation of granular texture and little denseness compared to white bread.

My family and I love this bread, but I just feel guilty making it with white flour only. Cutting back the percentage of whole wheat flour is not the option because 25% ww flour is my minimum. I told myself that there must be some sort of techniques I can use to make it close to white flour one.  

With soaking techniques: It raised very well. From the outside it's hard to tell it has whole wheat flour except a little darker.
When I surf online, I like to search recipes, sewing projects, and crochet/knitting patterns. After first attempt of making ww paesano, one day I was searching ww bread recipes online as usual. I came to American Test Kitchen'w website and found that they used soaking techniques to make ww bread. It reminded me that Peter Reihart's Whole Grain Breads this book. He also used soakers for whole grain breads. So, there was a light bulb lit in my head. How about I use soaking technique to mix main dough a night before, and then mix it with poolish and other ingredients!

As soon as I had this idea I just couldn't wait to try making another batch of paesano. First, I mixed poolish and main dough with flours and water only a night before, and then left them on the kitchen counter for overnight. In the next morning I mixed the poolish and main dough plus rest of ingredients, salt and yeast, to form the final dough. So far this was the only change I made to make ww paesano. The rest of steps were the same as the class.

With original method: It turned out a little bit granular on the texture, and harder bottom crust per JW.
I don't know how about the other people. It always makes me excited when it's time to open the oven. Ohh, they turned out GREAT: the color..looked good, the smell..was excellent, the shape..was nice and raised well. After an l..ong hour of waiting I sliced the bread and shared with JW and the kids. It tasted just like white flour paesano!!!

With original method: It raised well, but not as good as original paesano or the one with soaker.
The difference between soakers and no soakers is that the one made without soakers turned out just like typical whole wheat bakeries, a little dense and tasting granular. The soaking technique solves the problems and makes whole wheat paesano close to white flour one. I'm so happy to make this whole wheat paesano successfully. It satisfies my family's craving but also gives them healthier ingredients. It makes me enjoy to be whole-grain-holic!


  1. 所以你這個麵包用了25%全粒麥粉嗎? 很專業的結果!恭喜, 成功 ~

  2. 對! 我用了25% whole wheat flour。我上個周六去上了另一門課(wholey whole wheat breads),我問了老師若要將一般的食譜改成多穀類食譜應該怎麼改,他的建議是用20-25%,然後再逐次加5%,供你參考。

  3. 看到這篇忍不住想留言.
    I am a whole-grain-holic as well.
    我自己學做麵包大部份加50%的全麥雜糧,精白軟麵包實在不是我的cup of tea.

  4. 吃習慣了全麥雜糧,現在真的很不習慣吃白麵包、白米飯。25%全麥粉的添加,幾乎在所有的bakeries都可吃不出差異來,這是我個人的經驗,也是麵包課老師的建議。我最近迷上100%全麥天然酵種麵包,其實我三年半前開始養酵,直到現在才開始做完全無商酵的麵包。100%全麥吐司麵包雖然比較dense,但風味和口感棒極了。全麥粉的顆粒在長時間的發酵下(足足花了我48小時麵包才完成),讓人嚐不出太多的顆力感,雖然比起白麵包100%全麥麵包略紮實但鬆軟彈牙,會讓人一口接一口吃個不停。雖然製作時間很長,但保濕效果非常好,讓人欲罷不能。

  5. 好久没留言了。。恭喜你面包手艺更上一层楼。