Homework--My 1st homemade Paesano!

After taking the "Mambo Italiano - Italian Breads" class at Zingerman's, everyone brought home 8 loaves of bread and a container of poolish. I wasn't sure whether I should go ahead to use up the poolish the very next day or I should wait until my fridge has more space to store more bread. Because the poolish cannot last for more than 2 days, sooner or later I will have to use it. After consulting JW (my husband), I decided to make Paesano, which is our family's favorite bread.

 It was a huge success! The Paesano tasted just like the one we bought from the Zingerman's Bake House, even though the bleached AP flour was used. I followed the tricks from one of the instructors to bake the bread in my Viking oven. The only thing that turned out different was the baking time, which was shorter than what the recipe said, but it turned out perfectly. It was the yummiest artisan bread I have ever made.

After tasting the bread, JW told me that we don't have to buy Paesano from the store any more. To me, I don't know if it's good news or bad news. However, I do know that I'm going to make this bread again and again.

Thanks to Dan, Lauren, Kyle and other assistants who helped me to be able to make this bread at home. :)


  1. 很美的洞洞,那是住家梦寐以求的欧包。

  2. 謝謝你。成功作成了這個麵包,害我心頭癢癢地想再上其他的麵包課。希望不負眾望,可以在麵包的製作上更進一步;)