Doraeman's all time favorite 多拉A夢的最愛--Dorayaki銅鑼燒

I love comic books of Doraeman, so does the food he likes most--dorayaki. The traditional fillings of dorayaki are azuki bean paste. (At least when I was little the azuki bean fillings were the only one you can get.) Azuki beans are also one of my favorites. No matter how you prepare them l love them all. So, when I made these dorayakis the azuki bean fillings were my top of the pick of course. Nevertheless to say for JJ and LJ they definitely want to have custard fillings as usual. 

There are so many recipes out there. The one I used tastes pretty good, but it dries out some the next day even I wrapped the dorayaki individually with plastic wrap. I think there is still some room for improvement. So, I'm not going to share the recipe here this time unless I can get or modify one being perfect.

Both custard and azuki bean paste were homemade. And they are so easy to make. I used e-pan's recipe for custard, but doubled it with same length of cooking time. The custard turned out softer than the one I used to make for steamed buns (包子). In fact, it was much easier to spread on the bread of dorayaki. The azuki bean paste was made a while ago, and was kept frozen in freezer. I like to use 1:1 ratio of bean and sugar with pinches of salt for the bean paste. The sweetness of this ration is about just right as fillings for different kind of snacks/desserts.

Azuki bean and sweet rice are my weakness. I can never ever refuse them even they are failures because I can still finish them up. That is also why those pounds on me can not be gotten rid off no matter how hard I tried:(

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